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weddzilla post March 8, 2010

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Is the only thing you want to remember from your wedding the super cool table numbers you made yourself?  Or your fly bouquet?  Perhaps your photographer will only take pictures of you and your hubby?  If you think that sounds crazy, then you’re on the way to knowing that the wedding industry is trying to trick you…don’t be fooled my friends.  I want a “real” real wedding, not a fancy pants blog “real” wedding and I wrote about it over here.


listen to your elders

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Maybe because our wedding is getting closer (81 days), I’ve been more inclined to shift from obsessing about wedding details (though I need to get a roll on addressing our invitations!) to thinking about marriage.  I’ve always been one to listen to advice…I may not follow it, but I’ll listen.

So if you’re like me, then go on over here to read advice from folks who’ve been married 39, 38, and 41 years.  Here’s my fave from this post:

Harry said that early in their marriage they had a lot of issues (because they were so young) and so they implemented a “Do Not Get Mad Session” once a month.  During this session they talked about things that each one did not like about what the other person was saying or doing over the last month.  If they started to get mad…they canceled the session and restarted it the next week. Harry says that this type of session allowed them to learn from each other and to recognize things that the other person did not like.

Maybe I’d change it to “Do Not Get Mad, But Please Be Nice”, lol!  I could see it getting ugly.  The Mister would be like, “don’t get mad, but I hate your hair, the way you cook, and all of your clothes.”  I believe that would qualify for a cancellation, lol!  But I like the concept.


groom’s gift

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Are you and your hubby-to-be exchanging gifts for the wedding?  The Mister and I are…except I’m stuck on what to get for him.  Classically, I think the gift is supposed to be a timepiece…I think this one is sporty and classy all rolled up into one:

It’s nice, but pricey and I’d rather not break the bank.  He’s always using sunglasses in the summertime and it’d be a cool gift because he could wear them on our honeymoon:

These are the least expensive of the three things that I’m looking at…but they’re also guaranteed to get destroyed because he goes through sunglasses like chewing gum.  That leaves the iPhone…he’s been whining about wanting an iPhone since I’ve known him.  And no, I don’t know why he hasn’t just bought one himself:

I could get an iPhone for $100, which isn’t bad and I know he’d be super fired up.  So what do you think?  If you had to choose between these three items for your future hubby, which would you choose?