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listen to your elders March 8, 2010

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Maybe because our wedding is getting closer (81 days), I’ve been more inclined to shift from obsessing about wedding details (though I need to get a roll on addressing our invitations!) to thinking about marriage.  I’ve always been one to listen to advice…I may not follow it, but I’ll listen.

So if you’re like me, then go on over here to read advice from folks who’ve been married 39, 38, and 41 years.  Here’s my fave from this post:

Harry said that early in their marriage they had a lot of issues (because they were so young) and so they implemented a “Do Not Get Mad Session” once a month.  During this session they talked about things that each one did not like about what the other person was saying or doing over the last month.  If they started to get mad…they canceled the session and restarted it the next week. Harry says that this type of session allowed them to learn from each other and to recognize things that the other person did not like.

Maybe I’d change it to “Do Not Get Mad, But Please Be Nice”, lol!  I could see it getting ugly.  The Mister would be like, “don’t get mad, but I hate your hair, the way you cook, and all of your clothes.”  I believe that would qualify for a cancellation, lol!  But I like the concept.


6 Responses to “listen to your elders”

  1. Mrs O Says:

    LOL. Don’t get mad and be nice. I think me and new hubby should do this lol but your version!

    You’re totally on point with advice from elders though ; ) I’m a newly wed and we both posted on this issue on the same day. Weird huh!

    Have a look at my aunt’s advice(s).. it’s all so so true.

    Mrs O

  2. Cord Says:

    I love the concept and plan to use it not only in my marriage but when the time comes that I’m child rearing. I would love to give my kids the opportunity to tell me what they’re up to, what they don’t like, etc. with the promist that the parentals won’t get mad or nag but just listen. I heard they did something like that on My Wife and Kids once.

    In the frame of marriage, I think it’s great (even though I’m more likely to catch a ‘tude than FH is).

    • dknytx Says:

      It seems like a cool way to make it safe to say you’re not a happy camper about something…I’d love to do something like this.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    That’s an interesting idea! But I can see how that could get ugly real quick.

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