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nikki March 10, 2010

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The Nikki referenced in the title of this post isn’t the “darling” one of Prince fame, but Nikki Giovanni.  Back in the day, I was an English major and someone got this book for me when I graduated and I absolutely fell in love with one of her poems.  When The Mister asked me to marry him, I read this for him and he really liked it too and we thought that we’d use it at the ceremony.  But this sucker is long and I’m wondering if it’s okay to truncate it a bit.  We’d like to keep the ceremony short for many reasons.  We just want to get married (!), we want to be able to get a few pictures taken after the ceremony, we’ll want to go shake our collective tails and our reception site is about thirty minutes away.  So if we were to do anything but “straight to the officiant”, we’d add this as a reading.

I’ve cut it down to the parts that I really like (still don’t know if that’s kosher or not)…tell me what you think:


I love you
because the Earth turns round the sun
because the North wind blows north
I love you
because it is the natural order of things
I love you
because I don’t want it
any other way
I am helpless
in my love for you
It makes me so happy
to hear you call my name
I love you
because it’s been so good
for so long
that if I didn’t love you
I’d have to be born again
and that is not a theological statement
I am pitiful in my love for you
I love you
because you with all your magic powers were
determined that
I should love you
because there was nothing for you but that
I would love you
I love you
because you made me
want to love you
more than I love my privacy
my freedom my commitments
and responsibilities
I love you `cause I changed my life
to love you
because you saw me one friday
afternoon and decided that I would
love you I love you I love you I love you

That last part always gets me, no matter how many times I read it…I mean, didn’t we all have to change our lives to love our future hubbies?  We decided that loving him was more important than always having things done just the way we want, than traveling all over the world for the perfect job…hell, than being autonomous.  We all decided that we wanted a partnership rather than to fly solo.

Anyhoo, this is sappy and over the top and I just think it’s great.


top gun

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I’m sure that you guys will remember that I went to a (dreaded and dreadful) bridal show back in January and won a gift certificate for my wedding cupcakes and cake topper.  I met with the baker lady back then and haven’t really thought about it since.  But in an effort to feel better about myself and cross some “to-do” items off of my list, easiest seemed the cake toppers.  I’ve found three that I like, let me know what you think…I’d love to get this finished today.

I found all of these on Etsy and all are under $10.  I like the butterflies, our wedding’s in the Spring, so that would go well.  Our cake is going to be off white though and these only come in stark white.

This one isn’t my fave, but it’s nice and it would go with the venue and the cake.  I’m pretty sure I can get the ribbon in another color if I want.

I’m not gonna lie…this one’s my favorite.  I think it’s cute, fun, festive and says “celebration”…and who doesn’t love a good “woot, woot!”?

Alright ladybugs, I need your help.  Which one do you like the best?  Why?  Thanks dudes!


way with words

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Lately I’ve been saying “I don’t care” a lot in terms of our wedding and I wonder if folks are getting the wrong idea.  Of course I care about The Mister and I care that friends and family will make the trip to see us get married.  And I care that his dad is our officiant and I care that at the end of the wedding ceremony, I’ll be a Mrs. (!!!).

Unfortunately, I sometimes feel like the things that people think I should care about…I just don’t.  Wedding shower invitations that match our wedding invitations?  I mean, that’s fine, but I don’t really care one way or the other.  Groomsmen wearing the same suit?  Don’t think it’s necessary…The Mister sent a color swatch to everyone and they’ll get close.  I don’t care if it’s not an exact match.  I gave my bridesmaids the color for their dresses and said to keep them knee or tea length.  Not only do I not care what style of dress they choose…I don’t even know, lol!  It’ll be a nice wedding day surprise.  Our flower girl is getting her dress made and I’m sure it’s going to be gorgeous.  But no…I really don’t care to pick out the fabric or the design.

I think the issue is twofold. One is that I trust people to do what they said they’d do.  I asked the bridesmaids to get something and I believe that they will…simple as that.  I haven’t set up hair/skin/nail appointments for them…I trust that they’re not gonna come to the wedding all broke down.  The other is that I’m really trying to keep this thing in perspective. While I believe in the power of weddings and the ceremony of it, I understand that the day is but a gateway into a new life with this wonderful man…it’s a beginning, not an ending.

So if I seem a bit subdued when you ask me a question, understand that I am so excited to be getting married.  That I’m fired up about our invitations and flowers and caterer (open bar playas!) and dj and baker and photographer…everything will be on point, I promise!  I’m super excited to see some of my family that I haven’t seen in ages and to meet a lot of The Mister’s fam.  And I secretly hope that whoever it is that acts a fool at the reception (and someone will act a fool…see previously mentioned open bar) doesn’t come from my side of the family, lol!

As long as I end up married to The Mister at the end of the day on May 28th, I’ll be a happy camper.  And if anything else goes wrong…I just don’t care.