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top gun March 10, 2010

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I’m sure that you guys will remember that I went to a (dreaded and dreadful) bridal show back in January and won a gift certificate for my wedding cupcakes and cake topper.  I met with the baker lady back then and haven’t really thought about it since.  But in an effort to feel better about myself and cross some “to-do” items off of my list, easiest seemed the cake toppers.  I’ve found three that I like, let me know what you think…I’d love to get this finished today.

I found all of these on Etsy and all are under $10.  I like the butterflies, our wedding’s in the Spring, so that would go well.  Our cake is going to be off white though and these only come in stark white.

This one isn’t my fave, but it’s nice and it would go with the venue and the cake.  I’m pretty sure I can get the ribbon in another color if I want.

I’m not gonna lie…this one’s my favorite.  I think it’s cute, fun, festive and says “celebration”…and who doesn’t love a good “woot, woot!”?

Alright ladybugs, I need your help.  Which one do you like the best?  Why?  Thanks dudes!


8 Responses to “top gun”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    I like the flowers because it’s elegant and pretty. BUT you said so yourself. You like the Hooray signs. If that’s you then go for it. Is anything else in your wedding sort of whoo whoo celebration type theme or is it all flowers and elegance? Use whichever will fit in better.

  2. The’s very you and reminds me of your invites..don’t really care for the flower pomander, maybe it’s the color.

  3. Cord Says:

    I agree with Tiffany in Houston. Don’t know you 🙂 but know you well enough to think the little flags are the best. I agree, it reminds me of your celebration-like invitations. OR could you put the flowe r thing (elegant) on your cake and have the banners on the cupcakes you won?

  4. Dognbird Says:

    Loving the butterflies!

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