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from here to there March 18, 2010

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I was sitting here chatting with The Mister and was saying how I thought we could just catch a ride to our reception and here’s the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say:

The Mister:  I thought we were getting a car and driver.

Me: Well, I was thinking we could just hop in with someone…we’re all going to the same place anyway.

The Mister: But I thought we said we would get a car and driver.

Me:  Yeah, that’s what we said initially, but we could save money here and just set it up to catch a ride down to the mansion.

The Mister:  It’s just that I really wanted a car and driver.

Me:  Yeah?  So you want me to get a car and driver?

The Mister: *nodding*

So we’re getting a car and driver…he’s persistent, that guy!  I went on a job interview once and they sent a car and driver…I felt pretty baller, I’m not gonna lie.  We’ll get something like this hopefully:

What are you and your guy doing for the big day?  Are you going low-key and thumbing it to your reception with some family members or are you getting a limo?:

Or how about the ever popular party bus?  This one got ruled out for us because everyone’s married with kiddos…we’d need a school bus to take everyone!

This is what I wanted initially, until I realized that I’d have to offer up my first born for how much it’d cost…but you wouldn’t be able to tell me nothing if we rolled up in this vintage hotness:

So what are y’all doing?  How long are you keeping the car/bus/limo?  Will it just drop you off at the reception site and that’ll be that?


weddzilla post

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Yeah, premarital counseling is good, but for my money…dancing lessons are where it’s at!  You’ve got to work together, problem solve, and you both can’t be the boss.  Check out my post about our first dance lesson.


I can use this learnin’

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In my ongoing battle with my big ole mouth, I’ve been trying to make sure that I use my words for good and not evil, lol!    Like I told you back when I was talking about feeling like a real adult, I used to spout off with whatever was at the top of my brain…good, bad, or ugly.  But I’m learning!  And in thinking about the type of wife that I’d like to be, I found this article.

If you click on the link, you’ll see explanations that go along with each of these phrases…I thought this stuff was great!

  • Say “I respect you” to your wife.
  • Say “I need (fill in the blank) from you” to your husband.
  • Say “I desire you” to your wife.
  • Say “I want you” to  your husband.
  • Say “I cherish you” to your wife.
  • Say “I believe in you” to your husband.

What do you think?  I thought these were a good way to make sure that each person feels appreciated and not taken for granted.  Of course all of that is easier said than done, but I’d like to give it a whirl.  I’ve talked to some folks who say that the relationship isn’t much different after you get married and those who say that it changes everything…so we end up going into this thing kinda blind.

Have you gotten any good marriage advice lately?