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WTF?! March 19, 2010

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Am I the only one tripping over all of these guys cheating on their wives?  Last night, I was tapping away on the computer with one eye on the NCAA tournament when The Mister was like…

The Mister:  did you hear about Sandra Bullock?

Me:  she preggers?

The Mister: no, her husband was cheating on her.

Me: What?!  Aww man.  She was just talking about how her work got so much better because of him.

The Mister:  I know…crazy.

Me:  maybe that’s why she didn’t thank him at the Oscars.  I remember thinking that she’s gonna regret forgetting to mention him.

The Mister:  *nodding because he’s so over talking about this now*

Me:  you dudes need to keep your penises (and yes, I said penis) in your pants!  *crossing arms all pissy-like*

The Mister:  what’d I do?

I know The Mister hasn’t done anything wrong…but mankind has!  Tiger, John Edwards, Bill Clinton…*sigh*  The list just goes on and on.  It’s very disappointing and discouraging to think that dudes…old *ss, should know better, dudes…are out there getting freaky with any old thing.  Don’t they remember standing in front of their friends and family and vowing to love only her?  Don’t they worry that their kids won’t respect them?  Why are they willing to hurt the one person who’s been by their side good, bad, or ugly?

And yes, I know that this is more upsetting to me because I’m about to get married.   But I’m sure when Sandra Bullock stood next to her husband she didn’t think, “he’s gonna cheat on me a few years down the road and I’m the luckiest lady in the world!”  She didn’t think he’d cheat…and he probably didn’t think he’d cheat.  But here they are.

It’s unnerving and unsettling and I pray (literally) that The Mister and I’s relationship will withstand the fiery darts of the enemy, that not just our love, but our commitment will carry us through.

But still…