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What if… March 21, 2010

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…the fancy pants wedding blogs had actual pictures of men and women of color on them?  *clutching pearls*  I mean, whenever I go to those sites (which is too often to admit the real number) I just think…heck, anybody could be doing that!  So I went over to Style Me Pretty (which is amazing in its gorgeous!) in order to see if there was something special about the White bride…I mean, is there some sort of trick that they have, a special pose or something that makes them the predominant color on this site?  Let’s see, shall we?

How about this one?  A Black chick could be a headless bouquet holder, right?

Or what about this one?  Are you telling me that an Hispanic lady and her new hubby couldn’t pose for this pic (which I love, btw)?

Photographers couldn’t find a couple of women of color to pose for this supercute picture?

A minority femme or homme could pose holding some sorbet, non?

This is a scientific study according to Dawn and the results are clear…women of color could perform the same duties as the White brides in these photo.  But for whatever reason it’s not happening.  Either the fancy pants blogs aren’t requesting photos of women of color…or worse, they’re not using them if/when they receive them.  Or the photographers aren’t sending them in to the blogs.  It’s certainly not that women of color aren’t getting married…it’s just that you’d never know it, lol!

If you want to see some hard numbers on women of color in The Knot and Brides magazines, just click on those links and you’ll see that “Black woman as wife” or “Hispanic woman” as bride is virtually nonexistant.  “Asian woman on her wedding day” is the most prevalent…but still not a whole bunch.

I’d love to go to Borders and see some women of color on the covers of some bridal magazines.  Or hop on one of those fancy pants blogs (that I still love visiting!) and see a mess of people of color donning silly fake mustaches in a photo booth.  Folks of color are wasting spending their money on all of this stuff…let’s see it!