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transportation…again March 22, 2010

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**Update: the Jaguar dude emailed me back and was like, I misquoted you…it’s $190.  I guess that settles it, huh?**

Since The Mister informed me that he wanted to have a car and driver take us from our ceremony to our reception, I’ve been hard at work searching out our options.  Since we’re doing it, I wanna do it up right!  We’ll be in this vehicle for the half an hour it’ll take to get from our chapel to the reception site…and maybe it can be in a few pics?

Here are my top two options and I’m looking for opinions here please!  The Rolls Royce is choice #1.  I like it because it’s an old school looking car…but it’s also more expensive than option #2.  $400 will get me the car and includes gratuity, red carpet, champagne w/engraved glasses that’ll have our names and wedding dates on them.

Then there’s option #2…the Jaguar.  It’s pretty fancy and sporty, I’m wondering if The Mister will like this one better because of that.  It’s iPod capatible and if we want, we can watch a DVD on the way to the reception in there too!  It’s $250 including driver gratuity, red carpet, “just married” signs, and champagne.

So what do you think?  Old school fancy or modern fancy?


10 Responses to “transportation…again”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    I’d go modern fancy. I like the price better and it’s still a great car to ride in. When all is said and done it’s transportation in style and you will be getting that with either one.

    • dknytx Says:

      You’re probably right. Decisions like these are what have kept our costs down.

      • Tiffany In Houston Says:

        I’m riding with Frugalista. The old school is sweet but $400 dollars for 30 minutes?? Can’t do it. Besides with the $$ you are gonna save, means more shopping on the honeymoon!

      • dknytx Says:

        You’re definitely right. I showed The Mister the options last night and he was like, definitely the Rolls! Then he saw how much it was and thought it was for all day. I was like, nope…just from the ceremony to the reception. He thought it was crap, I told him he had no idea…a lot of this stuff is crap.

  2. Ghenet Says:

    I agree with the others–the modern car is really sleek and won’t break the bank!

  3. buhdoop Says:

    I like the old fashioned one, but the modern one is tempting.

  4. Michelle Says:

    well looks like the deal has been sealed, price won! lol

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