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receiving line? March 23, 2010

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I don’t think we’re doing one.   I was talking to the lady who’s gonna be my DOC and told her that I was really worried about not talking to everyone at the reception and she said:  why don’t you come back in after you’ve said “I do” and thank everyone then? Genius!

The way it’ll work is, we’ll exit the chapel and our officiant will tell everyone to take a seat because the Mr. and Mrs. will be coming back soon.  The Mister and I will smooch and hug and be excited that we’re married.  Then we’ll come back into the chapel (great photo op, I’m hoping!) all cheesy and happy.  We’ll walk back up to the front of the chapel and then row by row, folks will exit…and as they exit, we’ll shake their hand/give them a hug/thank them for coming such a long way, etc.

It’ll be quick, but at least everyone will get some face time with us.  Then at the reception, we can have in depth convos with folks as we can, but we won’t be stressed out that we didn’t talk to cousin so and so or auntie whatchamacallit.  As I’ve said before, I’m shakin’ my tail at that reception…if you want to talk, join me on the dance floor!  We plan on being there for the cocktail hour (not taking pics), but I’ve heard of so many folks say that they tried and failed to talk to everyone at their reception.

How are you and your dude trying to chat with your family and friends who made the trip to your wedding?