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weddzilla post March 25, 2010

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I don’t know if you knew this, but (and this may surprise you) an actual marriage takes place after the wedding.  I know…crazy, right?!  So, armed with that knowledge, The Mister and I have been going thru premarital workbooks.  It’s great, sometimes we feel good after it…sometimes not so much.  But we’re always happy that the book made us talk about the hard stuff.  I wrote about it over here.


I’m in a bit of a pickle

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I’m going home this weekend.  That’s a good thing!  I’ll get to see my mom and some folks who’ve been sick and in the hospital.  But I’ll also see folks, lots of folks, who aren’t invited to the wedding.

They’re all family, but they’re family that I see less than once a year…but they’re already sending out feelers that they want to come.  They can’t come, there’s no room.  People act like a wedding is a summer picnic or something…”oooo, I’m coming!  What do you want me to bring?”  Nothing…you’re not coming.

How do I handle this?  Can I cut off “the ask” by saying that too bad our venue is so small, but we sure do wish that we could invite them?  Or do I just ignore the subtle nudges?  What about the overt nudges…like when they give me their address so that I know where to send the invitation?