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cheesy, I know March 28, 2010

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So we’re exactly two months out now.  I feel like things are going as they should…but what the heck do I know, lol?!  Even better news is that I tried on my dress and it fits now, so Operations Get Buff and Get Tight are working well.  As a sidenote, when I tried on the dress at the shop, I asked about a little pouf in the back…by the butt.  I was like, is it supposed to be like that?  And the dress lady was like, no, but this dress doesn’t exactly fit you.  Well, dang lady.  Hmmmppft!

I love putting together workouts, so now that Operation Get Buff is officially over after twelve weeks, it’s time to up the ante on Operation Get Tight and here’s my new workout book.  I put together workouts all of the time and find that it’s pretty inspirational to put sayings and quotations on the cover.  For this one, I put on stuff that reminds me of The Mister and what we’re about to do:

Here’s the cover…

Here are some of the stickers that remind me of how I feel for The Mister:

What motivates you to work it out like a rock star?  Or to keep grinding trying to get the details of the day together?  I find that not only does working out help me fit into my dress, it keeps me sane.  I feel like the reason I’m not stressing and freaking is because I’ve got an outlet through working out.  What’s your outlet?  How are you gonna keep from going nutty right before your wedding day?