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Dear married people, March 30, 2010

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Please feel free to be honest with us single/engaged ladies about the realities of married life.  While surely I have no clue about what it takes to make marriage work (since I’m not married yet), I kinda think that it’s your job to help us out.  And not just the good stuff either, Honcho…but the stuff that had you and your hubby talking through gritted teeth last night.  Because the problem with you painting this rosy picture of marriage is that I feel like the crappiest person ever when The Mister and I have the occasional tiff.  Like, ohmygoodnesshowarewegonnastaymarriedifwedon’tevenagreeonthis?!

But then God sends folks into my life that bless me to no end.  Why? Because they’re honest.  They’re honest about their ups and downs and that they still are madly in love even though they fight.  They’re honest about their disagreements…which they don’t mind having in front of The Mister and I.  They’re honest about saying that with the stress of planning a wedding and trying to become a married couple that they didn’t really like each other all that much at their rehearsal dinner…and they told each other so!  Their honesty works because they honestly respect, appreciate, and love one another.

So, as you can see married people, we can (contrary to what Jack Nicholson thinks) handle the truth.

Thanks dudes,



weddzilla post

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Don’t know about y’all, but an open bar was a pretty essential part of our wedding planning.  But an open bar at a hotel or reception hall is crazy expensive.  Go and read here about how that one choice led us to our reception venue.  Did you guys have any early choices that drove major decisions?