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so I’m getting married next month April 2, 2010

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Crazy right?  I think I’m supposed to feel all crazy and stressed and out of control (sidenote: I tried to find a pic of a woman  of color as the frazzled bride.  None of us should be surprised that I couldn’t find a brown or black person to fill the role)…like this:

But I actually feel pretty good.  Perhaps it’s because ignorance is bliss…I have no idea of any sort of impending disaster, so I guess it’s so far so good.  We got our invitations out and people are telling me that they got the invitation or asking me to guess what they got in the mail today…it’s pretty fun!  I’ve gotten lots of good feedback about the invites and if there are folks who don’t like them, they’re nice enough not to tell me.

We actually got our first RSVP yesterday!  Well, it was from The Mister’s mom, so we kinda figured she was coming, but still…pretty exciting.  Lots of folks are telling us that they’re booking flights and making hotel reservations.  Fun, fun, fun!

Though The Mister and I have been pretty practical about this whole wedding business, I can understand how ladies can get all kooky as the wedding date approaches.  I mean, folks are paying for flights and hotel rooms and gifts…you at least want to give them a good party.  I think what keeps us from going all bride/groom-zilla on folks is that we know that the wedding is a beginning and not an ending.  It’s gonna be a sweet party for sure, but it’s the start of our lives together…and we’re pretty fired up that our friends and family want to be there with us as we start our journey.

Perhaps in a month, I’ll be that lady pictured above, but for right now…it’s smooth sailing.


2 Responses to “so I’m getting married next month”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    One the invites are out it makes it feel that much more real right!!

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