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organization!! April 3, 2010

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I’m a bit anal.  Everyone in my family makes fun of me for it…all of my friends know it.  I like things to be in order, all neat and tidy.  So I suppose it’s no surprise that I’ve started coming up with timelines to give to my wedding party, coordinators, and vendors.  I promise it’s not just because I find order to be fabulous…it’s also because I don’t want to be a crazy person on the wedding day.  I really want to be able to rely on my ‘maids and coordinators to get things done on May 28th.  I plan on handing my Blackberry over to my MOH in the morning and taking a backseat so that I’m not driving myself (and others!) crazy.

My wedding workbook has sample timelines for everyone and here they are:

This is the cover of the book…

Vendor timeline sample…

For the wedding party…

So I’ve started putting together timelines for the week of…so that I can keep track of when wedding party folks are arriving in to town, when flowers are arriving, when to get my eyebrows done, etc.  Then I’ve got a general one for the wedding day itself, then specifics for the day.

What are you doing to keep yourself organized?  How will you make sure that those people you’re trusting to help you out on the day of will get it right?


4 Responses to “organization!!”

  1. Share please! I’ve spent the past couple of days hunting for good timelines

  2. Tiffany In Houston Says:

    I finally have my notebook together. I am planning to have a day of coordinator and have timelines out the wazoo too.

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