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Like Diana Ross… April 5, 2010

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…I’m coming out.  Of the proverbial closet that is!

Everyone that I sent invitations to (maybe 170ish people) now know about the blog.  I was wondering why my views went way up the other day and then people started mentioning that they liked my blog…that’s when the light went off.  The blog’s linked to the wedding website and vice versa, so it was never a secret…it’s just that more folks are looking now.

I think it’s kinda good though, because I haven’t been verbally girly about this wedding planning business, but I have taken to the blog to ask y’all what earrings I should wear, or what shoes will be fly at the reception, or to talk myself down off of the ledge about that superfly J. Crew clutch.  So in a weird kind of way, the blog will let folks know that I am in fact excited about our wedding, even though I’m trying to remain sane and practical…which is very hard to do when planning a wedding, because when is it either practical or sane to spend thousands of dollars for a one day event?

Welcome newbies…hope you like it!