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Things… April 7, 2010

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…I’ve been told I can’t do lately:

  • my own hair (“this ain’t the country”)
  • my own makeup (“you need a professional”)
  • wear a short wedding dress (I am)
  • buy said dress all by myself (I did)
  • buy said dress all by myself on the first weekend after we  got engaged (oh yes I did!)
  • have fun invitations (I’ve gotten nothing but compliments)
  • have a local and organic reception (we are!)
  • serve good beer, wine, and liquor cheaply (we figured it out playa)
  • have an engagement ring that’s not a diamond (I do and I love it)
  • stay sane while planning a wedding (why not?)
  • stay sane and obsess all at the same time (again…I’ve figured it out playa, lol!)
  • keep from freaking The Mister out with my wedding crazy (so far, so good)
  • be happy with whatever folks want to do in terms of their hair, makeup, and accessories (they’re all grown folks, right?)
  • be in the moment (this one is hard, I’ll admit…but I try hard everyday)

What have you been told you can’t do in terms of your wedding planning?


13 Responses to “Things…”

  1. I love this list. People are such haters. And teach us the way to your cheap beer ways.

  2. Post up a pic of the e-ring! I wanted a colored stone originally, the Mr. wasn’t having it.

    So far I didn’t get the venue I wanted because of the Daddy-zilla. But I am satisfied with the one I ended up with. The price is WAY right for all we’re getting. God knows what’s best in the end.

    • dknytx Says:

      We ended up getting a venue that had the freedom we were looking for, not necessarily our first choice…but a very good choice. And price IS important.

  3. hitchdied Says:

    I don’t want to encourage naysayers, but “this ain’t the country” cracked me up. I kind of want to incorporate it into my daily speech. Like if I order a Diet Coke and the server asks if Diet Pepsi is ok, I’m going to snootily shake my head and say, “this ain’t the country!”

    Anyway, cheers to you for doing things the way you want to. It sounds like you’ve got a solid handle on wedding planning.

  4. buhdoop Says:

    They told me I can’t elope.

  5. I amazed at the desire that some people have to control other people ! Nice site. Wishing you a blessed and happy marriage.

  6. I was told I would have to wear high heels because I’m only 4’11 – uuummmm I didn’t!

    …and I was told that I couldn’t wear my glasses…but I did!

  7. […] Every bride planning a wedding has the nay-sayers.  I didn’t talk about them a lot, but Things was dedicated to […]

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