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dads April 9, 2010

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So the new Tiger Woods commercial is getting a lot of criticism these days.  Some folks say that he’s using his dead father to help him out of this jam he’s gotten into and all sorts of other stuff.

I see it a bit differently.  As someone who’s lost her dad and was very close to him, I get it.  When my dad passed away, it was like I lost my lighthouse in the darkness, my go-to person, a true friend.  It was one of those situations where I loved my dad fiercely and everyone knew it.  So when he passed away suddenly, not only was I tremendously sad…I was lost.

That’s why I get it that Tiger let Nike use his dad’s voice on that commercial…because he believes that on some level, his dad would have kept him from messing everything up like he has. And quite honestly, I’d give anything just to hear my dad’s voice again…even if it were just a recording.

I’ve missed my dad a lot lately because I know he would have had my back with all of this wedding stuff.  He was the ultimate “eff ’em” kinda dude.  Before I even had any good marriage prospects and was worried about never getting married, he was like, so what if you don’t…eff ’em if they’re making you feel badly about that.  When I would break up with some dude, he’d be all, obviously he’s not good enough…eff ’em.  So I know exactly what he’d say if he were around now and I’d complain to him about some of the nonsense I’m hearing regarding our wedding plans.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but give Tiger a break.