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wedding bands April 11, 2010

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After church today, The Mister and I went looking for wedding bands.  The timing wasn’t great, after church is usually naptime.  Or rather, grab some food and then catch a nap-time.  But since we’re kinda running out of time, I figured we should get on it.  We went to four different jewelers just to get an idea of what he’d like and these are our top choices as of now:

Our fave:

Runner up…hammered gold:

This one’s different…maybe too different:

What do you think?  The Mister’s got incredibly large fingers (size 15!) so that limits some of what we can do in terms of rings.  He was pretty thoughtful about the whole process which was pretty cool.  He’d try on a ton of rings, ask a lot of questions, ask about sale prices…I was impressed!  I tried to stand back and let him run the show and not be too bossy and I like the choices that he came up with.

Now I just want to check online to see if I can beat the prices those folks quoted me before I drop the kind of cash they were talking.  Have you and your dude gone looking for rings yet?  How was he during the process?


2 Responses to “wedding bands”

  1. Cord Says:

    I love one and especially love two. Interestingly enough, FH an I just talked about bands yesterday. we found a two tone one that he loves but he told me yesterday that he doesn’t love it anymore and found one that he actually does love, lol. So he’s going to go show me the ring this week…

    • dknytx Says:

      Well, The Mister’s on the clock. We’ve gotta get this thing ordered soon. I told him that I’m getting #1 (his fave…sometimes) tonight, so if he wants to change his mind, he’d better do it quick. Everyone needs like four weeks to guarantee the ring’ll be in…we’re about six weeks out.

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