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under current April 15, 2010

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My mom is coming into town this weekend and I’m pretty fired up.  As we get closer to the wedding date, she’s getting super excited and I’m getting super excited…so we’ll have a very excited weekend.

The to-do list is pretty short.  Probably shopping (why not?) and getting undergarments for the wedding dress.  I’m fired up about this for a couple of  reasons.  I’ll get to try on my dress and shoes and whatnot, plus I know that mom’ll be pretty stoked to see me all dudded up in my wedding dress.

Here are some options for undies for the big day.  I’d worry about a little pooch poking out in this one, but it’s cute:

I think this is the one I wore when I first bought my dress.  I liked it because it gave me boobs!  I remember thinking, “I didn’t come into the store with these things!”:

This last one looks like it’d keep everything together:

Do you know what you’re wearing underneath yet?  Bra…full body deal…corset?  “Experts” say to buy a bunch of different ones and see which fits the best and return the rest…is anyone doing that?