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under current April 15, 2010

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My mom is coming into town this weekend and I’m pretty fired up.  As we get closer to the wedding date, she’s getting super excited and I’m getting super excited…so we’ll have a very excited weekend.

The to-do list is pretty short.  Probably shopping (why not?) and getting undergarments for the wedding dress.  I’m fired up about this for a couple of  reasons.  I’ll get to try on my dress and shoes and whatnot, plus I know that mom’ll be pretty stoked to see me all dudded up in my wedding dress.

Here are some options for undies for the big day.  I’d worry about a little pooch poking out in this one, but it’s cute:

I think this is the one I wore when I first bought my dress.  I liked it because it gave me boobs!  I remember thinking, “I didn’t come into the store with these things!”:

This last one looks like it’d keep everything together:

Do you know what you’re wearing underneath yet?  Bra…full body deal…corset?  “Experts” say to buy a bunch of different ones and see which fits the best and return the rest…is anyone doing that?


10 Responses to “under current”

  1. courtnee Says:

    I’m having cups sewn into my dress so no need for a bra. I have spanks to keep everyhting else in place but I haven’t tried them on with my dress.

    have a fun weekend with your mom:)

    • dknytx Says:

      I’ve never owned spanx so I’m a little scared of them…will I be able to breathe?!! Anyhoo, the dress makes me look like I’ve got boobs even without the bra, so that’s pretty exciting.

  2. Tiffany In Houston Says:

    I am wearing a long line bra (cause I have a fluffy middle) and a petticoat. I have a pickup style dress with a train that needs to be bustled.

  3. Cord Says:

    I am so so so proud to say I’ve lost 14llbs. I won’t lie, mostly only because I want to look fly in my dress, lol…Anyway, even with the additional anticipated weightloss I plan on wearing a full body contraption like the third item you posted I think, like you said, it’ll keep everything together.

    • dknytx Says:

      I’m right there with you…at 15 lbs right now. When I try on the dress tomorrow, I’ll decide if more is needed…I wanna be able to breathe! And yes, my weight loss is solely for the dress & pics, so I’ll be eating like a champ after May 28th! I’ve never worn anything like that, so I’m really worried about comfort.

  4. I am still trying to decide what to wear under my dress. Where did you get the picture for the 1st undergarment? Did you come accross it during your shopping? It’s exactely what I am looking for….

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