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wedding crazy April 21, 2010

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I’m in a group called Toastmasters, which is a leadership and speech-giving group.  It’s pretty cool and I enjoy putting my thoughts together and plus I talk for a living, so I can always use some help there.  Anyhoo, I’m giving a speech next week and it’s called, “How To I Do”, and it’s about how to get married frugally and sanely.  I wanted to post this section from my conclusion for those of you out there who’ve heard that you’ve got to spend $31,000 to have the “average” wedding.  The speech is only supposed to be five to seven minutes so I couldn’t get too in depth, but these were my top things:

The most important thing that you can do is figure out how to whittle your reception costs down as they generally make up almost half of your wedding costs.  The Mister and I did this by finding a reception venue that will let us bring in our own caterer and bartender.  Next on the cost cutting extravaganza was finding a wedding dress at a reasonable price. Whether you find a test dress like I did or find a used dress online, there are dresses out there that are gorgeous and couture, but won’t break the bank.  In terms of the smaller things like photography, favors, and flowers, finding someone who’s looking to build a client base and buying wholesale are a couple of ways that we’ve managed our bottom line.

Frugal ladies unite!  What are some ways that you’ve saved big money while planning your wedding?


10 Responses to “wedding crazy”

  1. Ghenet Says:

    We’re having a daytime wedding on an off day (a Monday–Columbus Day). It’s not for everyone but we’re really happy about our choice and how much money we’re saving!

  2. Tiffany In Houston Says:

    Having a Sunday afternoon wedding, will probaby NOT serve alcohol (if we do, wine only), semi-DIYing invites. My aunt bought my wedding dress, a groomsman is paying for the DJ, I even was gifted with Waterford toasting glasses last night.

    Family and friends have really been blessing us for this wedding.

  3. A-L Says:

    Choosing the church as our venue. Serving no alcohol (our church’s policy, but don’t bar all churches if you want alcohol because there are churches where it’s allowed). Choosing a less traditional wedding dress (I’m either going to have a a 1950s style dress made for me or get a bridesmaid dress in white). Focusing on fewer high-impact details (like lighting) rather than lots of smaller details (seating cards, guest book table decor, etc).

  4. courtnee Says:

    My dress is preloved:) Our reception venue is owned by the township we live in which was discounted even more because we are residents. We were also allowed to bring in our own caterer and alcohol. My daughters are my bridesmaids and I found non bridesmaids dresses for them. We are using a new-ish photographer that takes amazing photos but is really reasonable. A lot of the decor and items for the centerpieces were thrifted or things we already had around the house.

  5. Natasha Says:

    We are having a destination wedding in Las Vegas at an off-strip location called the Grove, it has an outside gazebo. The entire package was $599 which includes a limo and the officiant! Then we are having the reception two weeks later. We live in Orlando, Fl so we figure our friends and family can use a mini vacation. We decided to rent a big white tent ($500) and put it in our back yard. My fiance’s brother is a chef so he is going to cater (cha-ching). Lastly, I brought my dress off the rack from Alfred Angelo for only $250.

    • dknytx Says:

      Sounds like you’re doing it girl! We’ve got to let newly engaged ladies know: your wedding can be frugal and better than “average”!

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