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I heart The Mister April 23, 2010

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I was thinking the other day about The Mister and I and how three years ago when I moved here, I never would’ve guessed that I would be getting married to such a great guy.  And when I think back to those first initial dates, I just think about the things that we had in common that made my radar go up like, hmmmm…maybe?

They were the things that dudes usually tolerated but  The Mister and I had them in common.  Like listening to talk radio.  I always get crap from people about it, but I love NPR or sports talk.  When I moved from New York to Texas, I drove and I listened to talk radio the entire time…no joke, not one song.  I’ll never forget the first time I got into The Mister’s car and he had sports talk on…I was so stoked.  It sounds small, but it really wasn’t.  Not having cable was another “make me go hmmm” thing.  People always either laughed at me because I didn’t have cable or called me cheap or some combination of both.  But guess what happened when I showed up at The Mister’s house for the first time?  That’s right…no cable!  But the biggest thing was the diversity of people he called friends.  They weren’t all Black and that was a big deal.  Because of the life I lead, a lot of my friends are from varied backgrounds and not only was he cool with that…his friends were just the same.  We’ve got similar attitudes about religion and politics and those were all things that made a little voice in the back of my head think that maybe, just maybe, this dude was the one.

So as we get closer to our wedding date, I sometimes find myself looking at him and smiling.  Of course he’s like, what are you smiling at and I just say nothing and keep smiling.  I’m smiling because he’s awesome.  I’m smiling because I call myself blessed for being loved by him.  I’m smiling because he’s a good guy and I love him a whole bunch.

When did you know your guy was the one?  How did you know?


7 Responses to “I heart The Mister”

  1. Amy Says:

    keep smiling because you have found “the one”!

  2. Amberdawn Says:

    That’s very sweet 🙂

    I knew he was special real early on. He lives in England, and helped me install a chat program because he wanted to chat with me. And the first day we chatted I spent hours talking about the weather. Haha, you’d think he’d be bored, but the flooding here was terrible. Still, I was a little surprised he came back to chat the next day, same time. And we’ve been chatting at that same time ever since 🙂

  3. Tiffany In Houston Says:

    I knew, when I could share something about me that happened in my past and he didn’t judge me. Right then I knew I could marry him.

    • dknytx Says:

      That’s awesome! You should write a post on your site about knowing…I’d love to hear because you guys got engaged earlier than most.

      • Tiffany In Houston Says:

        That’s a good idea. He has written a guest post on how he knew but I haven’t written the same type post..Thanks for the inspiration!

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