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first dance May 30, 2010

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Okay peeps, one of my bridesmaids sent a few pics over.  She’s got some good prep photos, so hopefully I’ll post those later.  But here are a couple teasers:

I’m not making the cutest face is this pic, but check out that hair…it was slammin’!  Playas, I did that myself and my hair is not chemically straightened and it lasted throughout the day and me sweating it out during the reception.

Here’s one where you can see my husband.  I like both of these pics because you can see our rings in them…isn’t The Mister one handsome dude?!!

I had such a blast at our wedding and reception…I’m sure there’ll be pics posted of that later.  But now I’ve got to get packing for our honeymoon…leaving here at 3:30 in the morning.


Mrs. May 29, 2010

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I’m sending this from my phone, how cool is that?!

We got married and it was amazing. These last two weeks were crazy hectic and full of details, to-do’s, delegating, organizing, calling, emailing, asking, reminding, coordinating, following up, driving here and driving there…and it was all worth it!

I’ll post later (when I’ve got my computer) about this week, but I’ll just say that all the haters came around. The one’s that said they didn’t like my dress before said they loved it yesterday. Those that said they couldn’t believe I was doing my own hair before said it looked amazing for the wedding. The folks who weren’t feeling my big day vision before were impressed with how everything came together.

So I guess I’ll just say: trust yourself and believe in what you want for your wedding day.

We’ll chat later ladies, but I’ve got to go see about my husband…because I’ve got one now! Yippee!!


Penultimate May 27, 2010

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So I’m getting married tomorrow.  How ’bout that?

Today was a crazy day in which nothing went as planned, but all went right.  I just kept telling myself that everything works out as it should and there’s no need stressing about things that I can’t control.  Let me tell you one thing though, having good people around you is an amazing thing.  My bridesmaids have been troopers and my mom’s been working her tail off.  I just told them that they could go home and we could start again later and they all said nope…let’s knock it out.

We decorated the reception venue today…it looks amazing, I’m so excited.  Got our nails done and had our rehearsal dinner.  Decorating the chapel tomorrow because we couldn’t get into it today.  Only thing left is to actually do this thing!

I’ve got pics to post, but my computer’s threatening to act up again.  So if I don’t post before tomorrow…wish me luck!


reception sign! May 25, 2010

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I’m having computer issues, which are quite ill-timed I must say.  So I’m trying to write this in another browser than I’m used to and I don’t know why everything is underlined.  But then again, maybe it won’t be underlined when it shows up on screen.  Whatever, if this is the worst thing that happens to me this week, I’ll be pretty fired up.

Anyhoo…isn’t this awesome?!  One of my bridesmaids made it for us when I put up a pic of a sign I saw on Etsy.  She’s bringing it with her on the plane from Arizona for goodness sakes! 

I’m excited ladies…three days!!  I’ve been running so much…I think I’ve about killed my mom with all of my running around.  Be prepared chicas, you’ll wake up tired but be motivated…you’ll run around like a crazy person…you’ll be focused on accomplishing goals…you’ll be like a super bride ninja! 

All I can say is…remember to smooch your honey and give him lots of hugs because he’ll be afraid of you and your singular wedding focus, lol!


Weddingese May 23, 2010

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So I’ve spent the majority of our engagement period trying not to become obsessed with weddings and wedding planning.  I didn’t want to be one of those ladies who stop speaking English promptly upon getting engaged.   You know who I’m talking about…those that take up Weddingese as their first language.

You: hey how’s it going?
Bride: oh my god, planning this wedding is going to be so cumbersome!

You: did you watch the final episode of Lost tonight?
Bride: no way I’ve got time to watch television, planning a wedding is so time consuming!

You: can you believe that Boston has done Cleveland and Orlando like this?!
Bride: what…are those the most popular places to get married or something?

Unfortunately during the week of the wedding, it seems unavoidable not to be all wedding all the time.  My mom’s in town and she’s fired up about the wedding, my house is getting prepped for the bridal shower (lots of weeding of the flower beds!), we did a lot of shopping today for The Mister and his peeps (gifts, ties, etc.), and I am singularly focused on my  to-do list.

It’s fun though and I’m trying my best to enjoy it like everyone says I should do.  Five days and I’ll be getting married to the best guy ever…woo hoo!!


last hurrah May 21, 2010

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So I’m thinking that this is pretty much the last time I’ll have to mess around online looking at wedding stuff.  My mom’s coming in tomorrow and the nitty gritty “to-do” list stuff will start to get done.  So here’s what I found while bopping around on Etsy.  As with all pics on this site, just click on it to go to the source page.

For those folks looking for a different kind of wedding band…

These are awesome!  Invitations and reply cards…though I don’t know in what instance you’d use them.  Too cute!

This clutch is way cute.

We’ve already gotten The Mister’s ring, obviously the invitations are finished, and I’ve got my reception clutch…but this is something I wouldn’t mind having at the house.  I can actually see this hanging in our living room in my mind’s eye…so it’ll probably be purchased at some point:


odds and ends

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Busy day today…t minus one week ’til the wedding!

I got up this morning and had my final killer workout.  This is the first time that I thought about not finishing…then I remember that I plan on wearing a bikini in a little over a week.  FYI, it’s a circuit that is two minutes of abs and three minutes of sprints on the treadmill repeated ten times.  Bru.Tal.

Anyhoo, after that, The Mister and I went to pick up our marriage certificate.  Let’s not talk about why we’re so late in picking up this essential piece of paperwork, let’s just praise the Lord that we have it.  $90…is that normal?  What did you all have to pay for your license?  The lady who issued us the certificate then had us raise our right hands and verify that everything we’d told her was true…wasn’t expecting that one.

After that we went looking for shoes for The Mister.  I think they’re pretty good looking:

After that long afternoon of license getting and shoe buying, then we went for food.  I’ve got some weird switch in my head that once hunger strikes it’s all I can think about, so I was on food patrol!  We went for Chinese and this is the fortune I got:

On May 28th perhaps?