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cloudy with a chance of… May 2, 2010

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…showers!  A few of my friends that I play in a volleyball league with surprised we with a shower on Friday.   I had no idea until I walked in and the lady whose house we were at was like, “glad you could make it since this is a shower for you.”  I had no idea!  We’d been talking about getting together for a while and it never dawned on me that they’d set something up.  Anyhoo, here are some pics:

The super yummy cake:

A beautiful orchid that just needs ice cubes to survive, notice the “to-go” cake slices in the background:

And these are wine glasses and a “Bride” cosmetics case:

I actually took pictures holding the contents, but they turned out butt ugly so…delete!  It’s like they never existed.  Though I can’t tell you how excited it made me to be taking crappy *ss pictures just a few days before our wedding.  Maybe I’m just getting them all out of my system so that every one on the wedding day is gorgeous?

Anyway, this was super nice because these were ladies that I played with pretty regularly, but just wasn’t able to find room for at the reception and they still wanted to throw me a little shindig which I thought was amazing.  Two of the ladies are already married and one is getting married in January so of course there was lots of talk about the menfolk.  Like wedding planning, everyone has a different and very strong opinion about what it takes to be successful.  This has been one of the fun things about getting married for me…receiving both solicited and unsolicited advice from the marrieds.

So we sat around eating, drinking, laughing, and doing drugs (I kid, I kid!  Just making sure you were paying attention, lol!)  it was a lot of fun.  Mostly because they thought enough of me to do it.

Have you had a shower yet?  Was it fun?  Any good advice?