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Conundrum May 5, 2010

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Disclaimer to The Mister’s fam and friends who may read this:  I do have manners and class.

But those who know me well know that this is a topic that I give way too much thought to…dropping the kids off at the pool (or going number two as others may say…some just say poo).   We all do it…it’s just that it’s possibly the least romantic or sexy thing that a person could ever do.  As we get prepared for marriage, I’ve asked various married ladies about how they handle this perfectly normal bodily function.  Some ladies share the bathroom with their hubbies while they’re handling their business…others would never dream of doing that and don’t even verbally acknowledge that their bodies create the stuff.

This topic came to mind when I had two of the most incredible drop offs known to man…I couldn’t believe that they came from my body!  And I really wanted to tell someone (I’ve been known to call my girlfriends from time to time), but The Mister was the only one around and I didn’t want to holler, you won’t believe what I just did!  I suppose it wouldn’t be too far from my incessant fiber talk (weird, I know), that’s what the fiber’s designed to achieve after all…it just didn’t seem right.

What do you and your future hubby plan to do about toots, poops, burps, and nose picks?  I’ve generally tried to hide those things from The Mister…should I just let it all hang out on May 29th, lol?!!