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did you know… May 7, 2010

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…that when you Google “bride photo”, no women of color will come up?

…that it’s the same when you switch out “bride” with “groom”?

…and “wedding party”?

…that “wedding hair” turns up lots and lots of ugly hairdos…but none on women of color?

…that the only way to get a woman of color in any sort of wedding-y or bride-y photo is to actually input “woman of color”?

…that women of color apparently don’t have flower girls?

…but we do have ring bearers?  (there was a super cute pic of an African America ring bearer)

…that no brides of color have mothers?

It seems that the assumption is that every bride is White…or perhaps it’s like a default setting or something.  I’ve been told a few times to go and check out the blogs devoted solely to brides of color…and I do, but I just don’t understand why the segregation within the wedding industry is accepted as part of the deal.  Yes, it’s great that I can go to specific sites and see a whole mess of weddings of color…but why can’t I go to one mainstream site and see White brides, Hispanic brides, African American brides, Asian brides?  You get the picture.  It’s like the industry is stuck in the ’50s and ’60s…a water fountain for us and one for them.

Not cool.


12 Responses to “did you know…”

  1. Preach on. People need to open their eyes.

  2. Ghenet Says:

    I agree with you. I also thought of you when I was in Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago. I was skimming through the bridal magazine section and in the Real Simple Weddings 2010 issue, there are TWO real weddings featuring African American couples (or at least one African American and the other mixed, I can’t remember anymore). I was excited to see that, though it’s not something you see in every magazine.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Here, here. What’s up with that?

  4. socybride Says:

    No, you know what it is…we (brides of color) just feel more COM-fortable being featured on specialized blogs…you know, with people like us…*gag*. I’m over this segregation, as well as that in romance novels. It seems that when “love” is at play, it’s still Jim Crow.

    • dknytx Says:

      You know…I’d never really thought about that angle. That ladies would rather be separated…something to think about.

  5. gionnetto2 Says:

    It might be because oftentimes AAs are still marginalized (ugh) and can’t afford a lot of glossy pictures, wedding planners, premium services. As a matter of fact not only the only brides you see are white but their paycheck is pretty hefty too.

    • dknytx Says:

      True enough. And I have to remind myself that all of this wedding stuff is a business and magazines and blogs don’t print pics of vendors with whom they don’t want a reciprocal relationship.

  6. OK folks just calm down. @gionnetto2 not true that AA’s don’t have money for beautiful glossies. There really are absolutely gorgeous images out there which land on bridal blogs, But the process to get into a magazine is a very different one. Sometimes it’s who you know, sometimes it’s who you are, and then it is a process of elimination. Beautiful white couple vs beautiful Black couple, they choose a white couple. Then again some Black couples don’t bother putting their hat in the ring. It really is like a PR process, you have to sell yourself like a job. We are better than any other couple that you have seen before, and we are the prettiest, and we……

    • dknytx Says:

      Yeah, I think having an aggressive/well connected photographer is pretty important. I’m trying to get ours out there. Not because I’m cocky and think we’re all that, but because Black folks and other folks of color are spending lots (lots!!) of loot on our weddings and we deserve recognition.

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