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can we be “that” couple? May 10, 2010

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You know who I’m talking about…they match their outfits when they go out.  He may call her “the old ball & chain”.  Normally those folks make me throw up a little in my mouth, but these are pretty cute.  Not for all of the time…can’t we just wear them on the plane to our honeymoon?  We get a pass for being cheesy then don’t we?  Don’t we?!

Is this beyond cheesy or just too cute?


oh time, how you elude me!

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Everyone I know is always rippin’ and runnin’.  On their Blackberries, their laptops…tweeting, and Facebooking, and blogging.  How do we ever find time for one another?  At my church, they sometimes talk about making weekly dates with your spouse so that you don’t lose each other in the mix.  Over at A Simple Marriage, they say to spend at least 15 uninterrupted minutes with your spouse each day.  I’m sure there are other tricks of the marriage trade out there.

Do you and your honey have any plans to make sure you put each other first?  What will y’all do?