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my pointless worry May 12, 2010

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*Update:  just got back from my orthodontist and he asked if I’d been clenching my teeth a lot.  Ummmm…yeah.*

Sixteen days out and I’m starting to worry about things that I have absolutely no control over.  Like the weather.  I wake up in the middle of the night and fret about whether it’ll be cool and cloudy and rainy on our wedding day.  I feel like I’m justified though, because today it was forty seven degrees, windy, and rainy.  *sigh*

I also worry about folks that will be offended that they weren’t invited to the wedding.  I know I have no control over people’s feelings, but I worry still the same.   We’ve been able to invite our friends and family of course, but surely there’ll be some random cousin or long lost friend whose feelings will be hurt that we didn’t think about them…even though we hardly ever see them!

At various times during the middle of the night I’ll worry about (in no particular order): if people are looking at our wedding website?, do they notice the map that’s on there?, are they able to access our registry?, will we be able to talk to all of our guests at the ceremony and reception? will people remember that our wedding is on Friday and not Saturday?


So this is what two weeks out looks like, huh?


7 Responses to “my pointless worry”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Did your orthodontist give you a teeth guard to wear at night? Also, I have found that on nights when I’m tossy-turny, a couple Excedrin PM will help my muscles relax, teeth unclench and knock me out just enough to let my mind shut off for a few hours.

  2. Tiffany In Houston Says:

    One of my Twitter and FB friends is getting married TOMORROW and she says she is going to post updates on her blog all day!

    I am sure you won’t be that bad! LOL!!

    Just try not to worry. Once it’s done, it’s done!

  3. Cord Says:

    Be encouraged girl! Your concerns are so normal of any bride, you are going to make a beautiful bride on a beautiful day with beautiful friends and family by your side!

  4. […] was pretty awesome.  We used it to hang our pew balls (flowers) and on our reception favors.  And here I openly acknowledge my worry as pointless…but continue to worry, […]

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