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thank you’s May 13, 2010

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Like I said, we’re getting to the nitty gritty here and I’m trying to tie everything up and make sure I got it all together.  Of course we’re doing gifts for our wedding party and parents at the rehearsal dinner.    I’ve already gotten folks gifts, but I was wondering about this for an additional gift:

These are “Thanks A Lot” Girl Scout cookies.  Trust me, I can attest that they’re quite tasty and they’re also super cute.  They say “thank you” in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Swahili…how ’bout that?  What about those for additional gifts for the rehearsal dinner?  Or how about for those folks who are staying at our host hotel?  Maybe we could put a box in each room with a little note?  If we didn’t already have our favors together, a couple of these would make nice wedding favors too, huh?

These certainly aren’t essential or necessary…but they certainly are cute.  What say you?


8 Responses to “thank you’s”

  1. Cord Says:

    I think if you have the funds and the time, GO FOR IT! I love them. I would love to see those in a hotel room if I was attending a wedding from out of town. Great idea!!!

  2. Amy Says:

    These cookies are absolutely terrific! Go for it!

  3. Amy Says:

    I say go for it! Who doesn’t love girl scout cookies?!?! I think they will be a hit!

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