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tale of the tape May 16, 2010

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So, I bought another wedding magazine.  Even though our wedding is less than two weeks away.  And I certainly have no real need to be looking at magazines…except I just really like them.  Anyhoo, normally in my tale of the tapes, I count up how many White brides and brides of color are in the magazine and then report back to you guys.  Well, I didn’t have to count.  There were two brides of color and hundreds (literally) of White brides.

Interestingly enough, I’d read somewhere that Amsale is a woman of color, so I went to check it out:

I’d heard right.  But these are her ad images:

You can go and check out her website if you’d like.  No women of color.  But she’s a woman of color.  Hmmm.

I’m sure it has to be hard being a woman of color in an industry that doesn’t celebrate diversity.  I would think that she’s made a concerted effort to be like everyone else, to be colorless in the presentation of her product.  But I’d also think that she’d take an all inclusive approach to advertising.  Why not Hispanic, Asian, Black, and White models?  I’m not saying she’s gotta be all power to the people.  But who’s gonna be the one to step out on a limb?