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Mrs. May 29, 2010

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I’m sending this from my phone, how cool is that?!

We got married and it was amazing. These last two weeks were crazy hectic and full of details, to-do’s, delegating, organizing, calling, emailing, asking, reminding, coordinating, following up, driving here and driving there…and it was all worth it!

I’ll post later (when I’ve got my computer) about this week, but I’ll just say that all the haters came around. The one’s that said they didn’t like my dress before said they loved it yesterday. Those that said they couldn’t believe I was doing my own hair before said it looked amazing for the wedding. The folks who weren’t feeling my big day vision before were impressed with how everything came together.

So I guess I’ll just say: trust yourself and believe in what you want for your wedding day.

We’ll chat later ladies, but I’ve got to go see about my husband…because I’ve got one now! Yippee!!


7 Responses to “Mrs.”

  1. Ghenet Says:

    YAY!! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more about it. Enjoy this time with your new hubby 🙂

  2. Bunny77 Says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  3. Woot! Glad everything turned out how you wanted it. I just recently found your blog (engaged in December), but I have enjoyed it. Congrats and I can’t wait to see pics!

  4. Sarah Says:


  5. Tamara Says:

    Yay! Yes! Vindication! Celebration…congratulations!

  6. Yay!! So happy for you!

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