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talk about it June 7, 2010

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So here are you options to figure out why I’m making this super awesome face in this picture:

1)  I stepped in doggie doo
2)  I’m not a big fan of iguanas and, as you can see, The Mister is holding one
3)  The man who forced the iguana on us is saying something about “pesos” and my Spanish isn’t up to par

You guessed it!  He puts the critter all over The Mister (in his arms, on his head, next to me) and then we’re taking this last picture and that’s when I heard him asking for money.  My Spanish isn’t great, but I sure enough heard “pesos” and that’s what I’m saying to The Mister out the side of my mouth.  *Through gritted teeth* “Did he say pesos?”  I mean…he hadn’t mentioned wanting loot before, we thought he was just being friendly.  And sure enough, after he finished taking the pics, he followed us around asking for money for a while.

Anyhoo, our time in Puerto Vallarta has been a blast…I’ll have pics coming up in a bit, but I wanted to recap in order.  We’ve done lots here:  cruises, tours, zip lines.  Ten days is a good amount of time to be away together…not too short, not too long.

Here’s one thing that we could’ve done better…tell more people that we’re on our honeymoon.  People love newlyweds!  Random people come to talk to us, we get free drinks, everyone’s happy that we’re happy, we’ve even gotten hotel upgrades.  The popular joke here is that they can tell that we’re honeymooners because The Mister looks tired and I look happy.

He is and I am…so it’s good all around!