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recaps: organization June 12, 2010

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When The Mister and I were going thru the various airports involved with getting to and from our honeymoon, I told him that I’m super forgetful and that’s why I generally write lists for everything and was currently checking for my passport and boarding pass on a level some would call “compulsive”.  When he asked how I figured out I was forgetful, I told him that I got a lot of whuppins when I was younger.  Seriously.  It’d go something like this:

Mom/Dad:  Dawn, go clean up your room please.
Me:  okay! *continuing to watch TV*
Mom/Dad:  didn’t we just tell you to clean up your room? *alerting me to oncoming danger by the edge in their voice*
Me: oh right, I’m going right now!  *continuing to watch TV and missing that voice thing*
Mom/Dad:  girl, you better get in your room and clean it up!! *hard stare*
Me: okay! *walk to room, forget I’m supposed to be cleaning and start playing with dolls*
Mom/Dad:  go get the switch!
Me: dangit!

So, after many (many) different versions of the same story, I learned that I’m forgetful.  As a result, I believe in lists and writing myself notes.  I even tell people that they should assume that I’m going to forget unless they see me write it down.  And that’s where this whole wedding planning business starts…organization.  It’s been that way since the beginning, but in those last two weeks before the big day…it is essential.

I’ll start with the timelines that I sent to the wedding party, here’s a pic that’s probably too small to see:

I sent this out via email to everyone, including the ladies who would help me on the day of.  Now I didn’t have a wedding coordinator, but I did have a group of wonderful ladies who were amazingly helpful and deserve their own post and will get one.

Anyhoo, this was done in an Excel spreadsheet and had tabs at the bottom: week of, rehearsal, wedding and reception, wedding, cell phone numbers.  The week of tab was so that everyone could plan out their personal stuff around “mandatory” wedding activities and the rehearsal tab was for the dinner.  The wedding and reception tab was an all-encompassing timeline from 11 am until 11 pm broken down by the hour for the wedding party and vendors.  The wedding tab was broken down in fifteen minute increments and was how the actual ceremony should play out and the cell phone number tab was all wedding party and vendor phone/email contact info.

For those of you out there who are coordinating your own wedding, but relying on others to help on the day of…this is critical!  You don’t want to be the go to person for anything on the wedding day.  Your ladies and your coordinators have to know what you want done, when you want it done, and be able to contact folks if it’s not getting done.

And for you planning, organizing, list-making, Type-A’s like myself…you have to let it go.  You’ve got to trust your plan, trust your organization, trust that you’ve communicated your vision, and trust that your peeps love you enough to accomplish it for you…and then let it go.  You can’t worry about how things are going, you can’t be nipping at people’s heels making sure they’re doing things “right”, you can’t have a sour look on your face that makes other people nervous that they’re upsetting you.  The only thing you can do once you really hand the reigns over, is be positive and thankful and supportive of those folks who are kind enough to work like field slaves for you.

But playas…that’s the day of the wedding.  Until then, you hold on to your wedding plan and planning with a tight grip, lol!  Didn’t Charles Heston say something about cold, dead hands?  ‘Nuff said.

So how are you (or did you) staying organized?  Especially if you don’t have a coordinator to do everything for you…how will you make sure stuff happens the way you see it in your head?