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Recaps: working out June 13, 2010

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I had plans of working out during the week of the wedding…I even put it on my timeline for the “week of”.  Clearly I was delusional.  But two weeks out, I was still working it out like a rock star.  At that point, I needed to workout to get the nervous energy out.  Ladies, I know you love your man…you think he’s the bees knees, right?  So do I, but I was getting nervous as all get out!  So that week I got after it.

I also had manual labor to do around the house.  Like I said, my house was wedding central.  Not just because I was the bride, but because I’m not from here, so literally everyone I know was from out of town.  So lots of folks were gonna be around…not to mention the bridal shower my maid of honor (also from out of town) was hosting at my place the Wednesday before our Friday wedding.

Anyhoo, back to the manual labor.  Last summer, I put in three large flower beds at my house and they’re gorgeous.  I’m really proud of them because I put them in myself with a shovel and hoe…no machines did my work for me.  The only problem with beautiful flower beds is that they also get weeds and two weeks before the wedding, the weeds were winning the battle.  So I got to work and it took four hours in each bed to weed and groom them…seriously.

As crazy as all of that weeding was, it was great for me.  I got a chance to be by myself, in my own head, relax, think about the wedding, not think about the wedding…it was awesome.  These were some of my last moments of solitude and they were wonderful.  I think when you’re coordinating your own wedding, the week of will be pure craziness, but try to find time in that second to last week to take care of you.  Read books, watch movies, work out…whatever you need to do to get your mind right.  I’d also plan lots of time with your boo, because the week of the wedding you’re gonna be MIA.


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