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recaps: the week of June 14, 2010

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I know you’re all waiting for recaps of the actual wedding day (and they’re coming!), but I’m going to tell you this in all honesty:  my preparation for the wedding made the day fun & enjoyable for me.  The day didn’t fly by, I remember everything, and I had a blast.  The only thing I can say is get your ducks in a row early and you’ll be chillin’ on your day instead of running around like a crazy lady.

My to-do list.  I didn’t do anything unless it was on my to-do list.  If I thought of something I should do, I put it on my to-do list and did it when it came around.  Why?  Because there were a bajillion things to do and if I got off track for every super-important-gotta-do-it-right-now, nothing would’ve gotten accomplished.

And I think because I like the to-do list so much, my vendors could sense my Type A personality…perhaps it was oozing off of me like pheromones or something, because they took their lists very seriously.  I met with my dj and I’m gonna tell you what…he set it off at the reception.  Why?  Because we’d met that week and went over the list and I said very seriously (but with a very pleasant smile) that I want you to play these songs, in this order during appetizers and dinner.  And very politely and very sweetly (but very seriously) I want you to play these songs, in this order when everyone’s dancing.

Controlling much?  I know, but (and this is just my opinion) as much as the wedding is about the family and your friends and not just about you and your future hubby…the wedding planning is yours lady.  Remember that, because the week of the wedding is when everyone comes in…friends, family, mom.  Still…the planning is yours.  Stick to the plan…and those people are there to help you enact the plan.

Anyhoo, I gave the dj an Excel spreadsheet with tabs at the bottom (sound familiar?) for appetizers, dinner, special dances, and dancing.  On the “dancing” page, I had it broken down by slow, midtempo, fast, and rap songs.  I did the same type of thing for the photographers.  We met and I gave them my list of pics I wanted them to take and when.  And guess what I heard all day long from them: “okay the next picture on your list is…”  They actually listened!  Now we had very few (maybe thirty or so) formal shots and the rest were candids that I gave them no direction on…they did a great job.  This is the picture they were worried about because I wanted one of everyone who came to the wedding…it’s my fave that I’ve seen so far (it’s a screen shot from AisleDash):

I hate to keep beating this same drum, but for those of you who are coordinating your own wedding, you’ve got to have a great relationship with your vendors and they’ve got to know what you want them to do…you don’t want them guessing or doing what they did for someone else’s wedding.


2 Responses to “recaps: the week of”

  1. Congrats on what looks like a beautiful day. The group photo tells a big story with so many smiling faces.
    Continued Happiness, Cassandra

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