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daddy’s girl June 20, 2010

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There was no father of the bride at my wedding a few weeks ago.  That’s because my dad passed away suddenly in 2008, which turned out to be quite the transformational year for me.  It was the year this proud daddy’s girl became fatherless and I also met the man of my dreams who would eventually become my husband.

I loved my dad fiercely and unapologetically, much in the way I love The Mister.  They’re both big, strong men physically and emotionally.  They’re both the center of attention…the life of the party.  They both love me.  So I consider myself to be pretty blessed to have these two men in my life.  My only regret is that they never got the chance to meet each other.

Happy Father’s Day dad…I know you would’ve loved this great guy I married.


13 Responses to “daddy’s girl”

  1. Internet HUG!

    I also think often about Collin never having met my parents, and my parents never having met Collin. As cheesy as it is, I try to think that they “know” each other through their relationship with me. Collin can see my parents in me. My parents probably imagined someone like Collin for me.

    Stay strong. (Also thanks for sharing that adorable photograph!)

  2. Cord Says:

    Girl, I can only imagine how proud of you and happy for you he would be. Isn’t it like th Lord to bless you with a man so much like your dad, the year that you lost your dad? No human could ever fill the void of the loss of a dad but I’m happy you have the Mister to create new memories with!

  3. Karen Says:

    Such a touching post.

    I am also a Daddy’s girl. My father is the model of how a man should love and treat his family. My Old Dude is a lot like my father…I’m so happy to be marrying him.

  4. Sarah Says:

    This is such a sweet post. I’m glad you found someone your daddy would be proud of.

  5. Ghenet Says:

    What a cute picture! I agree with everyone else–I’m sure your dad would be so happy and proud to see you married to a wonderful man 🙂

  6. He would have been proud of you and he did see you get married…just from heaven, that’s all. 🙂

  7. […] My dad: As you guys know, my dad passed away in 2008…about a month after I met The Mister so they never met.  Here’s a post I wrote before the wedding, Dads, and one I wrote afterwards…on Father’s Day, Daddy’s Girl. […]

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