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recaps: bridal shower June 21, 2010

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So I’m not from here.  No one I know is from here.  But the wedding was here.  That proved to be a bit of a challenge, mostly in that my house had to be wedding central.  I’d told you that my to-do list was at about forty things on the Sunday of the wedding and I knew that it had to be finished by Wednesday night because that’s when my shower was…and there were flowers to design and a chuppah to build.

Anyhoo, the fun started on Wednesday night with my bridal shower that my maid of honor threw for me.  Let me tell y’all, she’s just like me, so when she threw a shower…she threw a shower!  There was a color scheme, good food, fun games, and of course lingerie!  Here are some pics:

Here’s my beautiful maid of honor, a little blurry huh?  She put in some work on the shower to make it fun.

Game recognizes game…these two ladies hit it off right away.  That’s my mom and Melissa, the maid of honor, getting ready for the shower.

That’s me, smiling a bit too hard, wearing my superfly “bride to be” sash.

A closeup of that same table.

This was pretty cool.  Melissa asked me early on what I wanted for the shower and I said I needed cookbooks and lingerie.  So she figured out a way to get both done.  She got people to write down their favorite recipes for me…and also their marriage advice…pretty cool.  And I got lots of cute undies that came in quite handy on the honeymoon!

So that was my Wednesday…two days before the big day.  I had a blast and was so excited for all of the people I love to be in one place, so this was the first step.  At this point I was incredibly tired from running around like a crazy person and not sleeping because I was sure I was forgetting something…perfect timing for reinforcements to come in!


4 Responses to “recaps: bridal shower”

  1. Ghenet Says:

    Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Mine is August 7th and I cannot wait!

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