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On the road again July 2, 2010

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So we’re on another trip. *sigh* This is the fourth trip we’ve taken since getting married and now I just want to be home. Though we’re at a wedding this weekend and it’s been cool to see a different approach…also to not be worried about details and just be a spectator.

Anyhoo, I was reading Psychology Today on the plane over here and they had a blurb in there about marriage and name changes. The title is Name That Bride, Taking your man’s name can be costly. Here’s a snippet: “Summer is wedding season, and for those brides still debating whether to take their husbands names, consider this: Women who do, or who take a hyphenated one, are judged to be more dependent, less intelligent, more emotional, less competent, and less ambitious than those who keep their names.”

So ladies, what do you think? Why are these perceptions out there? Is it that marriage and name changing are old fashioned and “traditional”? Is it that our society places little value on those “traditional” qualities? Knowing this information, will you still stay the course with your name change plans?