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recaps: the honeymoon July 7, 2010

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Hey y’all…just realized that I didn’t talk about our honeymoon.  It was a blast and I’d highly recommend going very soon after your wedding if you can.  Personally, it was nice to separate from “the wedding” and go and be a couple because as soon as we got back, everyone wanted to talk about “the wedding”.  Which is great, of course, because I loved our wedding…but remember we’ve all talked about how we want to focus on our hubbies and our relationships, right?  So if you can…leave, lol!  But if you can’t, just try to limit “the wedding” talk because ole boy was probably getting sick of it before the wedding, so he’ll certainly be over it after you’re actually married.

Anyhoo, here’s some pics from Puerto Vallarta.  Here’s one from the window of our first hotel (we stayed in two while we were down there), not bad huh?:

A tasty beverage I had while we were there…the drink was very happy to see me:

The Mister went snorkeling in between these rock formations.  Why didn’t I go?  Because our tour guide made such a big deal about needing to be a strong swimmer or else  you’d get pulled off by the currents.  Ummm, no thanks pal…I’ll just stay on the boat and take pictures:

We went to a dinner theater thing that was super fab…here’s one of the characters that came by while we were eating:

Here we are on the final zip of our zip line tour.  We were racing…The Mister won (and they even gave me a push):

Where are you going/did you go on your honeymoon?  Did you go right after the wedding or wait a while?  Would you go back?


11 Responses to “recaps: the honeymoon”

  1. I covet that pineapple thing! Looks like a great time!

  2. Amy Says:

    Ahhhh beautiful Puerto Vallarta! I love your pics!!

  3. Some really nice pictures, especially that first one of the view.

    Right now Belize, Puerto Rico and St. Croix are on the list to research for honeymoon spots.

  4. Debra L Parr Says:

    Funny you would ask this question. My husband and I were not able to go on our honey moon after our very small and intimate wedding as he is a construction Superintendent, and was on a job. Can’t just up and leave these things.
    Well, we planned around the first of this month to take our first honeymoon at the end of the month. We are both excited. Yesterday my husband even bought me some roses to get me more excited. Will tell you how it goes when we get back, if and when it all comes true. hahahaha. I am a very patient woman. We both know that work and other important situations do about, so we just say our prayers, and go from there. If it’s our time, God will let us know.
    Debra L. Parr

  5. Debra L Parr Says:

    Good Mornin’.
    We are going to Ruidoso & Cloudcroft. It will be a lot cooler than what we are experiencing here, thank goodness, and will be able to break out a sweater maybe. hahahah. lOVE fALL CLOTHING. HAHAHAHA. OMGoodness, it’s Tuesday. Packing today. I must get it done today and tomorrow, then watch my husband cram his things into his case last minute, and he thinks he is so precise. LmFO. Laughing my fanny off. hhahah.
    11 years with this Man. It’s fun to watch them. Last night told him some romantic things, and had a rose behind my back, and asked him if he would accept this rose. Well…… Little did I know…. Tears came, and ofcourse the yes, (who wouldn’t with a gal of my Caliber and Patience.) and the biggest HUG. So I know our Honeymoon will be filled with laughter, tickles, and hugs. Lots of love and good Vibes to all.

  6. Debra Says:

    I will be sure to let ya know all about it. I have been a writer since a young girl. Not that you could tell. I wrote poetry years back when I had time to sit and think, had two published. One in a Showcase Edition of A Celebration of Poets, The National Library of Poetry, another in the Rustling Leaves, simply the The National Lib. of Poetry. Pretty cool. Nice to be selected into their books. Will let you know about the trip. I am sure it will be like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo sort of. hahahaha. Rock on there Mrs. Dawn & Mister. Have a great week. Will be back on soon. Packing day for me…

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