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Like Teddy P said… July 9, 2010

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…I think I better let it go. As much as I love looking at wedding blogs and whatnot, it may be time for me to add to my repetoire since I’m a married lady now.  Shouldn’t I be reading married chick blogs and trying to identify with those similarly mated?

I can say that it’s not as easy as it sounds.  I’ve spent a long time as Single Dawn and a few months as Engaged Dawn…now I’m embarking on life as Married Dawn.  I knew how to be Single Dawn and was just getting to navigate life as Engaged Dawn, now who is this Married Dawn gonna be?  One thing that I know for sure is that I have to switch gears from Engaged Dawn because she was Super Planner Lady who did things and informed rather than asked before doing.  What’s the diff, you ask?  Gigantic.  I may or may not have done a couple small things recently without asking and received a less than stellar reaction.

Hmmm…so I’m not the wedding boss anymore?  I’m looking forward to figuring out how The Mister and I will be together.  What’s gonna be our “thing”?  Are we going to throw sweet dinner parties and be all hip and cool?  Will we get to know all of our neighbors and have stop-and-chats in the yard?  This is a fun time to think who our little family’s going to be.


6 Responses to “Like Teddy P said…”

  1. I’ve instantly become a fan. This will be fun to watch how this plays out. Don’t stop blogging. Be transparent with your audience in this new marriage venture. It’ll be more helpful.

    Marriage is going to be a fun, interesting ride. But the “work” that we hear about… is sooo true. Even for the most compatible of couples. We see it all the time. Congrats on the wedding a couple months ago.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I definetely agree w/ David. My hubby and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on June 27th and I must say that we both underestimated the amout of hard work we’d have to put in in order to make our marriage what we want it to be. Marriage is not something that can succeed if you just go w/ the flow. Make it what you want it to be and enjoy it!

  3. I also plan to transition my blog when I get married and I have been trying to add newlywed blogs to my blogroll as well. I enjoy reading the blogs of real brides like yourself but I won’t miss going to some of the larger bridal blogs and taking them off my blogroll. I will probably peek in and see what’s going on from time to time but I plan to get busy being married! The planning part will be done!

    • At first I thought I’d like talking about planning and all of that after it was over, but I don’t. I wanna talk about marriage and how to be a good wife…I really want to do this thing right.

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