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just added… July 11, 2010

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…some wedding pics to the “about” tab there on the top right…go check ’em out!


the c spot

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He liked it so he put a ring on it.  Commitment.  We’re told that “the c word” is like kryptonite for dudes…like that scene from The Lion King where the weasels say Mufasa (*shiver* “Say it again…Mufasa” *shiver*), but I’d hazard a guess that a whole bunch of ladies feel the same way.  ‘Cause it’s a big deal playa!

The Mister and I had a fun day yesterday, filled with backrubs…and snuggling on the couch watching movies…and kisses on the top of my head…and laying my head on his chest and feeling it rise and fall with each of his breaths…and looking at my wedding ring and smiling.  That was all fun and nice and sweet…but it’s not commitment.  In my newlywed opinion, commitment is:

  • Significant: people have done this marriage thing for centuries…centuries!  More than that, they’ve been succeeding for centuries.  That should give all of us newbies hope.
  • Powerful: I’d told y’all in the recaps that the week of your wedding you’ll start to feel how big the commitment is, that what you and your honey are doing is a big, freaking deal.
  • Lasting: there’s no running when things get tough…FYI, I’ve heard the first year of marriage described as the best and worst year of being together.  *gulp*  That’s when that whole commitment thing comes in,  I suppose…no running when the times get tough.
  • Stable:  I look forward to our building a home together.  To making it a refuge for us from those things that conspire against our happiness.  I want our home to be peaceful and comforting and am working on how we’re going to accomplish that.
  • Forward-looking:  preparing for what we hope for in our finances, for our family, our home, places we’d like to travel, our work lives…there’s a lot to this thing.

Now we’ve just got to figure out how to make all of this happen…I’ve become a marriage blog & book reading fool lately!  I want me and The Mister’s stuff to be tight, y’all!  I really wish I’d done more of this before we got married, but there were so many pretty wedding pics to look at! Did I forget anything?  What is commitment to you?