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it must be love July 13, 2010

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The other day when I got my new driver’s license, I was all excited and showed it to The Mister.  He smiled big and said I looked “really pretty” in my picture.  Now you and I both know that I did not, in fact, look “really pretty” in my DMV pic where I had unkept looking hair and amazingly shiny skin.

But isn’t it nice that he said it?


6 Responses to “it must be love”

  1. NewLife Says:

    😀 beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps he saw a beauty you didn’t see in it. Remember you became even more beautiful to him since the day you became his Mrs. Did your new license reflect your new married name, thats an extra bonus you know 😀

  2. Sarah Says:

    So very nice. I love that.

    When I got my license with my new-old name (returned to maiden after my divorce finally finalized), I was completely disgruntled. I had to turn in a beautiful picture, which was replaced by one where I was tired and frazzled and caught off guard. T told me I looked gorgeous and that it wasn’t possible to take a bad picture of me. Such a nice white lie to tell.

  3. He probably did mean it..when we think we look the worst, they think we look absolutely beautiful. 🙂

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