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something new July 15, 2010

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It happens in the life of every newlywed couple.  The question.  You know the one.  “Soooo, when are you gonna have some baaaybeees?” *expectant look*

First of all, get from all up in of my bedroom please!  What me and The Mister do in the privacy of our own home is none of your beeswax, missy.  Just suffice it to say we’re getting lots of good practice in.  Second of all, I dunno…it’s a weird question that is awkward to try to shimmy out of answering.  Yes, we want babies.  Yes, I know I need to get a move on…or as an aunt said, “girl, you better jump on ‘im as soon as he says I do”.

Making humans is a daunting task.  Little baby humans require a lot of work and love (and work) and I think I’m ready for that, but…  And I’ve heard toddler humans are a pain in the butt.   And I know from being one myself that teenage humans survive only by the strength of a parent’s love because all others would shoot them dead.

We’re excited about the possibilities of making a brand new person, we just don’t know when that’ll happen.  I think The Mister and I will be fine guides to the world when we do start procreatin’…but right now, we’re just trying to figure out where to put all of our stuff, get my name changed on everything, and making time for that practice I was talking about earlier.  But don’t you worry…we’ll let you know when we’ve gone from practice to game time.


11 Responses to “something new”

  1. TonyVote Says:

    Lol, I’m not married yet, but will be, and I must say, we’re already getting that question from time to time. But it’s mainly because we’ve been together for about 6 years almost.

  2. Frugalista Says:

    Ha!! I wonder who will be the first person to ask us that? We are so not ready and might not ever be ready for that matter. I guess that’s exactly what we’ll tell them.

  3. I think my approach to this will be to match their level of inappropriateness. Like, “Well, my IUD is good until March 2015, so sometime after that.” Once you start talking about things that go in uteri that aren’t fetuses people shut up right quick.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    It’s so ironic how people have so much to say when unmarried couples procreate too soon. But then us married folk are criticized for waiting like we should.

  5. I’ve gotten it too. And the fiance has baby fever, Lawd help us all!

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