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these would be handy July 15, 2010

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I saw these at Walgreen’s this morning…I wish I’d known about them before the wedding I went to a few weeks ago.  They’re flats that come inside a little wristlet that you can carry into the party and when your feet start hollering, you can trade out your heels for them.  What a great idea!  Plus you can probably stash your phone and stuff in there too.  All for $12…it’s a steal!


6 Responses to “these would be handy”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    How cute is that! I wore flats at the wedding. I recommend it to every bride-unless you just want the extra height. You can’t NOT feel hot in your wedding dress even in flats. My feet felt great all night and really-who needs one more thing to worry about that day?

  2. Karen Says:

    Thanks for this…never even heard of these joints. Good to put in the hostess bags too!

  3. I need these for everyday use because I rock 3-4 inches on the regular!

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