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it’s so cute! July 18, 2010

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I finally got our poster framed up and I think it turned out great.

I don’t think The Mister was all that fired up about it before, but now that it’s all framed up and professional looking…I think he really likes it.  And other folks have told us that it’s cute too.  Now we just have to figure out where to put it…which is another married first.  Trying to decorate a house together.  Yikers.


10 Responses to “it’s so cute!”

  1. Jameil Says:

    When I signed in to AOL I saw you guys’ picture! Congrats!

  2. Cara Says:

    Dawn – I was Mo’s R.A. at Beloit his freshman year, my senior year! We’re friends on facebook, so I read the article on BVonline about your wedding and had to check out your blog! Just wanted to say I LOVE IT! You are a great writer and are so thoughtful in so many ways about the whole process of BEING married! While your blog is geared to women of color and appears to fill a huge whole in the marketplace, I (white, WASPy girl from Colorado) can still totally relate (even after 10 years of marriage) as you explore so many universal issues about being married! Keep up the good work!

    Mo was my bud during a tough year at Beloit…. stupidly, I was an R.A., the Senior Class president, student teaching and trying to graduate on time by taking 22 hours last semester. Not my finest hour, by a long shot! But, Mo was there with his great smile and a hand or ear to lend! I’m so glad he found you and you him – he’s a special guy and it sounds like you are quite phenomenal in your own right! Congratulations and Blessings!

    • Hi there Cara! One of the most endearing qualities about Maurice is how he’s affected the lives of those around him. So many people have wonderful things to say about him, that many folks can’t be wrong! And I agree, he is pretty special.

  3. Ghenet Says:

    It is really cute! Love the way it looks in the frame.

  4. Awww, I love it! What a sweet idea!

    Hope you found a good place for it. 🙂

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