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staying together July 19, 2010

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So I read a lot.  I usually have two or three books in rotation and I buy waaay too many magazines.  I bought this one the other day when I grabbed a solo lunch at Panda Express.  FYI, this was a pre-wedding thing that I did quite often.  When I needed to get away from work, I’d go get a wedding magazine (to which I had a slight addiction while we were engaged), go to Panda Express, get a bowl and an Izze and veg out.  So it was kinda like old times…except this time it was Cosmo, which we all know is about the s-e-x.  Therefore I think The Mister likes when he sees me reading it, lol!

Anyhoo, they had an article in there that I liked, so I figured I share it with y’all.  It’s titled, “The 5 Smartest Tips We’ve Heard This Year” and it’s about keeping your relationship bond tight with your hubby.

Tip 1: Have This Conversation With Him
It’s a “love checkup”.  After you’ve had a super good day with him, say something like “we have so much fun together and I love you so much and I want to keep it that way, so I was wondering if we could talk about the stuff that’s going well and not to well.”  Then there are a series of questions that you’re supposed to ask.  I like this idea in theory…I just wonder if The Mister would get annoyed with the forced convo.  But it seems like a good idea to take stock of our relationship regularly.

Tip 2:  Get Really Creative
With dating that is.  They say that “the happiest pairs make their ‘coupleness’ a priority.”

Tip 3:  Confide In Each Other
The article says that folks don’t often intend to cheat, but that it starts with them chatting up a coworker and sharing personal details, then kablam!  They’re in bed.  So it says that “psychologists are increasingly emphasizing one hard and fast rule for protecting your bond: make sure your guy opens up to you more than anyone else and vice versa.”

Tip 4:  Try Dirty Flirting
“Advertising to the world how much you want each other is key to keeping your connection solid and sex percolating.”  I won’t mention that that quote is from a lady who wrote a book about open marriage, because it seems like a good idea and I don’t want to undercut it.

Tip 5:  Support His Goals
The doctor involved in this study looked at183 couples and “discovered that those who affirmed each other’s ideal selves fought less, were more intimate, and felt extra satisfied in the relationship.”  And who doesn’t want to feel “extra satisfied”?  I know I do!

So what do you think?  Good ideas?  Especially you folks who’ve been married for a bit…do these tips make sense?  Do you have any to add?