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grilling 101 July 20, 2010

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Remember that ghetto song “She Get It From Her Momma”…about a chick with a big booty?  Whose mom had a corresponding big booty?  Anyhoo, I’ve got something that I get from my momma…and it ain’t a large derriere.  I love to cook and in the summertime, I love to cook outside.  One day, I hope to be as good a cook as my mom…but for now, I’m happy with where I am.

Anyhoo, here’s how to guarantee a fabulous meal of grilled meats (mmmmm…grilled meat!):

Marinate the meat for a few hours, then take it out of the fridge about an hour before you want to grill it so that it’s room temperature.  Yesterday I did chicken legs and ribeye.  Make sure your marinade has oil in it so that the meat doesn’t stick.

After you set the meat out, time to get the fire started.  Now I know there’s lots of debate over charcoal vs. gas grills, but in my mind there’s no question…charcoal is the way to go.  Yes, it takes longer to get ready than gas, but do you want your food done quickly and not so tasty or have to wait a bit and have it taste fabulous?  I’m going with fabulous.  Anyhoo, pyramid your coals, light ’em up and wait ’til they turn ashy.  Or you can use a coal starter, then dump the coals into your grill.  This here fancy Weber grill was a wedding gift…yippee!

Spread out the coals after they’re ashy and put on your meat.  I typically make a fire with a hot side and a not so hot side.   That way I can move meat around once its browned and it’ll keep cooking but not get much browner.  Here I’ve got the steak (about an inch thick) away from the hot side of the coals…cooking on indirect heat for about twenty minutes.  The steak isn’t over coals at all.

I know that some folks keep a spray bottle of oil and vinegar around for basting the meat and I used to, but I’ve found that if I marinate the meat well, it doesn’t need it.  So that eliminates a step and keeps the grill from getting all greasy.  Here’s the chicken right before I took it off…tasty!   Like I said before, I took the ribeyes off after about twenty minutes and they were medium well.

I didn’t yesterday, but I often do veggies on the grill…I’m sure I’ll post about that at some point.  Now get to grillin’!  If you’re in the north like me, we’ve only got a few months left before it’s too chilly to be outside cooking.


6 Responses to “grilling 101”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    Looks delicious. That’s cool that you enjoy doing it. Hubby’s gigantic monster grill got broken in the move so we have to buy another AND we still need to landscape our backyard before we can get to grillin’. He’s itchin’ to get out there though.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    It’s so funny you posted this. Hubby and I received a $300 gas grill as a gift from his brother 2 yrs ago, but over the weekend, hubby bought a small $40 charcoal grill because “it makes the food taste better”. I wasn’t two happy that we now have 2 grills that’ll only get used a couple times a year. But the chicken & hot dogs he made on Sunday – while I laid on the couch – were awesome. So I’m cool now, lol.

  3. Au Naptural Says:

    I love the taste of charcoal, but hate all of the work involved. My soon-to-be old apartment has a lovely sized covered patio, so I put a gas grill out there. I still grill in the dead of the Indiana winter. My neighbors think I’m weird, but it lifts my spirits to have a nice grilled steak to remind me of summer.

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