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the power of food July 20, 2010

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At some point I wrote about creating a life with The Mister and actively thinking about the life we’d create together.   I got some grief about wanting to be “traditional” in the sense that I’d do the cooking.  Let’s get one thing straight.  The Mister was single for a long time before me and he didn’t die of starvation, so he knows how to cook…sorta.  But it’s not his forte.  He’s good at tons of things, but this just isn’t one of them.  It does happen to be an area that I excel in and happen to love doing.

I’ve always loved cooking.  When I was in college, our fraternity brothers would come over and I’d pull some chicken out of the freezer and get to frying.  And when I lived in Houston, I’d have holiday parties all the time where people were only required to bring themselves and a happy attitude.

For us, part of the life we’d like to create is having people over and entertaining.  I’ve already said that I love to cook, so that’s a no-brainer.  And The Mister is fantastic with people (and I’m just alright), so we’re the perfect party-having couple.  People always seem to gather around food.  To just sit and talk or tell funny stories or play games or just catch up.  I love the feeling that food brings to people.  Like many women before me, sharing my food and my home with you is my way of showing love.  I want folks to be comfy and at home when they’re at our place.

And even when it’s just our little family, I want everyone to feel loved through our food.  I try for most of what we eat to be organic because I believe it’s better for us…there’s nothing that’s just out of a box on our table.  The act of eating together is pretty important to us in terms of creating a family.  The Mister’s daughter will set the table and he’ll help me get everything on the table.  One of us will say grace and we’ll chow down.  And life goes a little slower and I like that…we listen to music instead of the television, we sit and chat rather than looking at our phones or laptops…we connect with each other.

Have you thought about the life you and your hubby would like to create?  Why is it important to you?


10 Responses to “the power of food”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    Hubby is the cook. I do make an effort b/c I think everyone should have that joy of being cooked for and it’s only fair to try to contribute. It’s just not my thing though. I’d eat a deli sandwich on sandwich thins every day if left to my own devices but I realize “normal” people want other things!!

  2. Jameil Says:

    Umm… really? Why would anyone have something to say about you cooking? That’s what works for YOUR MARRIAGE. People slay me. I love cooking, too. Have fun!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    My hubby is a great cook, but somehow the roles shifted a few years ago and now I do 99% of the cooking. I don’t mind it, but it’s tough after working all day. But to know that I’m feeding my man a good meal after he’s put in a hard day’s work makes it all worth it :o) I think cooking is just one of the ways I show him my appreciation.

  4. When my then boyfriend and I first met I told him “I do not cook.” Not that I didn’t know how, it was just my feminist side of me coming out 🙂 When we moved in together, he would cook everyday. But, then I had a guilt complex, since he worked all day and I stayed at home, so I began to cook – and enjoy it. I’m actually a much healthier cook than he is. Now that we are married I continue to cook during the week and he cooks on Saturday and Sunday (he usually grills). To keep the whole task of cooking “exciting” I try a new recipe every day.

  5. Myron cooks the majority of the time. I don’t mind though he has asked me to cook periodically, which is OK. He is not the king of tidiness however and we have had some intense discussions on this. I have just decided to do what I can and get a cleaning service in once a month to give it the deep cleaning the house needs that I have not the desire nor time to do.

    As long as we keep communicating, we are doing very good.

    • The Mister and I have had some intense cleaning talks as well, but he’s been doing better. We’ve instituted Saturday cleaning where we turn up the music and clean, clean, clean. That way, we just have to do some moderate picking up during the week and it still looks alright.

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