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at the movies July 22, 2010

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Inception.  Go see it.  Seriously…go look up movie times and see this movie.

I love movies, but I’m the kind of person that immediately forgets a movie after seeing it.  Like, I remember liking the movie, but I can never put my finger on why.  I never remember scenes unless someone else brings it up and then maybe (maybe) I’ll remember as well.

Inception is one I’ll remember.

We went to see it a couple of days ago and I still remember everything…mostly because my brain was working so hard during the movie, lol!  Yesterday, randomly, I asked The Mister, “so do you think yada, yada, yada from the movie happened?”  It’s one of those that you’ll need time after the movie to decompress, to talk it out, to get your mind back in order.  So go see it with your honey and then grab a cup of coffee and try to figure out what just happened in that there movie.

Have you seen it yet?  Did you like it?  I wish we could talk more specifically, but I’d hate to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it…that would be uncool, dude.


14 Responses to “at the movies”

  1. courtnee Says:

    I’m dying to see this! Hmm…I think this weekend we’re going to see Salt and I’m not sure that I can talk the hubby into two movies in one weekend.

  2. Frugalista Says:

    Glad to know I am not the only one who pretty much forgets almost everything about a movie after watching it!

  3. Jameil Says:

    1st, I am SOOOO excited you didn’t spoil it!!
    2nd, my bf swore of movies a few months ago b/c of the price & how terrible things have been but he has decided b/c of hearing nothing negative about it, he must see this movie ASAP!! Lol! I love it. So I’m sure we’ll go before the week is out.

  4. DiAmOnD hawk Says:

    everyone has been talking about this movie so much so that I just might venture out to go see it… it’s outside of the realm of movies that I like but kinda like Hangover… I think I’ll take my chances… and I hope it’s just as great as everyone says it is

  5. KaEEah Says:

    That movie was FI-YAH! Loved it, would go see it again.

  6. Patricia Says:

    I’m ready this post late ( how did I miss it). I gave myself a real & rare treat to seeing a movie on its 1st day out. I’m so glad I did. AND I loved the movie. Yes you have to activate the brain and yes I want to see it again. I even had a decent conversation about it with my 19yr old daughter finding out that i missed more than I thought I did ( I actually missed some opening minutes b/c of her)

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