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on the ones and twos July 27, 2010

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Scene: at The Mister and I’s home…that only has one bathroom (you’ll see why that’s important soon).

Me:  *putting my bedtime clothes on and getting ready to hit the hay*

The Mister: *turning out the lights and locking up the house for the night*

Me: *seeing him heading down the hall* Are you going to the bathroom?

The Mister: *looking at me like I’m crazy because there’s nothing else down that hall* Yeah.  (But said like “duh”.)

Me:  *nervously* Ummmm, is what you’re about to do gonna take one step or two?  Because I’ve gotta go too, but I’ve only got one step…so let me go first if you’ve got two steps.  *nimbly dodging the outright use of the words “poop” and “poo”*

The Mister:   *laughing* I’ve just got the one.

Me:  *relieved* Oh…okay.  Carry on.

How do you and your honey handle the bathroom…um…situation?  I know that we’re in a unique position since we only have one.  Do you have any unspoken rules?  Like warnings?  Or this bathroom is for one step…but use this one if your bathroom experience will require more than the basic one step endeavor?